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Makeup On The Run

 The Creation of Beauty is Art 

Certified Makeup Artist , Orange County, CA  

Beauty Services, Microblading & Photography Services

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 Other Beauty Services 

 I am well versed but not limited to:

Beauty makeup

 (high fashion for all mediums)

Makeup for all aspects of lighting, including stage/theater, television, cinema, runway and photography

 Character makeup

 (Halloween, old age, tattoo, injuries)

Hair work

(bald cap, all facial/body hair)

Prosthetic appliances

(latex, Silicon, gelatin)

Monster makeup

(classic and construction)

Special Occasion Hair and Makeup | $215

Airbrush foundation , Hair and false lashes included. 

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup | Please Email for pricing

Every Bride dreams of how she'll look on her wedding day. Let us help you turn that dream into reality. We use high-definition makeup to ensure that you will look your best in every possible lighting.

Our products are all waterproof with a setting spray, so you can rest assure it will last all day.

Wedding Photography | Please Email for pricing

Price may vary base on project hours. 

Package 1

offers a 4-8 hour session with 2 photographers plus beauty services included.

with all digital photos.

Package 2

offers a 4-8 hour session with 2 photographers

with all digital photos.

Photography | Please Email for pricing 

Our equipment 

Nikon D750 and the lenses are AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR & AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G 

All of our photography equipment is top of the line, so you can rest assure knowing your photos will come out clear and beautiful. 

Studio Services | Please Email for pricing

Price may vary based on project size. 

We also have one artist that does outdoor & in studio photography. 

Our packages include a 1 hour session on Hair and Makeup with all digital photos. 

Microblading | Please Email for pricing

Semi-permanent makeup, that's a 3D feather stroke method for candidates who are looking to have a more defined shape and fuller brows to mimic the look of your natural hair.

             Professional Makeup Lesson | $185

Learn how to enhance your look with a one-on-one private makeup lesson, explore the look that is most suitable for you. Each lesson is customized to meet your needs.

Private Group Makeup Lessons

2 people – $165 per person (2 hours maximum)

3-4 people – $135 per person (2 hours)

5 people – $115 per person (2 hours)      

Character Makeup | Please Email for pricing

We also do Special Effects Character, Theater and Halloween Makeup as well.

We bring your ideas to life.